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MASS Insurance Agency is a full service insurance agency specializing in offering the lowest rates for master condominium insurance in Brockton, Massachusetts for condo owners and Homeowners' Association. MASS Insurance Agency strives to attain maximum coverage for condominium exteriors, common area as well as personal possession within each condo unit with 3 types of master condo policies.

What are the 3 types of Condominium Master Insurance Policies?

Bare walls-in policy – Least inclusive of the policies. Covers the exterior framing of your unit, plus all collectively owned items and structures. It does not cover appliances & personal property i.e. Furniture, Jewelry, etc. inside the condominium unit. 

All-inclusive coverage policy – This is the Most inclusive Policy which covers all repairs needed to return a unit to the state it was in before the property damage, including appliances, fixtures, and any improvements that the condo owner may have made to the structure.

   Single entity coverage policy – This policy generally covers all property contained in the complex, with the exception of the individual condo owners’ personal property (furniture, etc.). While it covers appliances and fixtures, it does not cover the owners’ improvements or renovations.

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Mass Insurance Agency is one of the most trusted insurance agencies specializing in Master Condominium Insurance in Brockton MA as well as HO-6 Condo Owner Insurance. MASS Insurance Agency offers the fastest insurance quotes typically with same day insurance typically available in Brockton, Massachusetts & adjoining towns.
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Mass Insurance Agency provides the cheapest, most affordable rates for a condo master insurance utilizing state-of-the-art systems for price quoting to expedite each insurance coverage request in tandem with first-in-class customer service to each and every client. 
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What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance is a form of personal liability insurance which covers insurance claims in excess of traditional homeowners' insurance policies, car insurance polices, motorcycle/boat insurance policies.

Umbrella Insurance Policies cover not only the policy holder but other members of the family and/or household. An Umbrella policy covers damage to others, not the policy holder's property.

Since Umbrella Insurance is very low cost compared with auto insurance and/or home insurance policies, it is recommended that every customer have an umbrella policy to cover property damage and personal injury in excess of the existing policy.
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